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What is the Succession Accord®?


Finally, we have The Metronome Method, a fun and practical approach to Succession and Estate Planning for Family Enterprises. Find out why The Metronome Method is an indispensable guide for Owners of a Family Enterprise, and their professional advisors.

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The Succession Accord® is a tool which helps  business owners achieve harmony in their family and harmony in their business so that when the key shareholder leaves the stage at death the value of the enterprise is protected and the family members are prepared for their stewardship role as owners.

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Is the Succession Accord®
Right For Me?

If you are approaching 50 years old, and an owner of a successful private family business; you  may be at the stage in your life and in your business when you are worried about what happens to your business and those who depend on it when you are no longer around to provide leadership. Will your spouse and other family stakeholders end up with a big problem or a well rehearsed plan where all family stakehoders understand and embrace their new roles as owners.

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How is the Canadian Succession Protection Company qualified
to help me?

Hugh MacDonald is a chartered accountant and chartered life underwriter who grew up in a family business, worked for many years as a chief financial officer of a large publicly traded Canadian service business. He is uniquely qualified along with his staff and team of strategic partners to ensure the Future is Secure for your business, your family, and your employees. Many Canadians in the community you serve depend on your business to survive, grow and prosper beyond your death.

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