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  Succession Protection Quiz

The full market value of my business will be transferred to my heirs if I died last night *

My spouse has a clear plan of what to do with my business, who to call and where to find key documents if I died last night *

My spouse would receive an adequate income and capital from the business if I died last night *

I have made arrangements to ensure my affairs are in order *

• My Will
• Buy Sell Provisions of Shareholder Agreements
• Tax and Estate Plan
• Succession Protection Plan

I understand the income tax and investment benefits of a corporate owned life insurance policy on the owner *

I have adequate life insurance protection to ensure there is adequate cash flow in the corporation if i died last night… *

I have made arrangements to equalize claims amongst my children vis-à-vis ownership and control of the business and other assets *

My succession plan was communicated to my children *

My tax and estate chartered accountant and my tax and estate lawyer work in concert with family successions plans and have signed off on the tax and legal agreements. *

I need help in taking the first critical steps in business Succession Planning and that is to focus on Protection *