Serving Canada's Small Business Families

Who We Are

We are an independent corporate life insurance and succession planning agency with over 20 years in the business, located conveniently in the Greater Toronto Area.

Life Insurance

We design and implement tax-efficient corporate owned life insurance strategies for Small Business Families, Professionals, and Executives

Succession Planning

We provide succession plans for small to medium sized enterprises using a simple program we created called the Succession Accord®

Providing solutions for Canada’s small and medium sized Business Families

Our Mission 

Our Mission is to ensure that all small to medium sized family owned enterprises in Canada are aware of the benefits of implementing a Succession Accord® as a critical first step for the owner and her family to put their affairs in order from a Succession, Insurance and Estate Planning point of view.  This approach is based on the best practices of many of the world’s largest and most successful family owned or controlled enterprises.

What We believe

We believe in family owned enterprises as the fundamental key to a growing economy. Over 80% of the world`s businesses are owned or controlled by a single family. 45% of GDP growth and 70% of new jobs created in Canada are from small and medium sized enterprises, many of whom, are family owned or controlled.

We also believe that the traditional approach of focusing exclusively on creditor protection, tax and legal agreements, although very important, is missing a critical step. The Succession Accord® should be done in conjunction with the last will and testament and the tax and legal agreements in order to achieve greater certainty of a successful transition of wealth and stewardship to the next generation  family stakeholders. 

Our Approach

  • Life Insurance for Estate Plans

We are independent financial advisors contracted with all the major life insurance carriers and we are paid commissions on policies placed with our clients. We have no bias towards any specific carrier from a compensation point of view.  Please review our privacy and disclosure policy for details. 

We do not provide or recommend insurance  products or succession solutions without a proper needs analysis by having the client or prospective client complete a questionnaire.  We use a tool called the Business Viewpoint™ developed by Cotton Systems which takes 10 minutes to complete either by phone or face to face which tells you what we do and based on your responses tells us both how to proceed from here.


  • Succession Plans for Family enterprises

We are also an independent fee based  financial planning company focused on helping small business families create a well-rehearsed succession and estate plan which prepares the owner and her family for their role as owners, beneficiaries and stewards  of wealth transitioned at the owner’s death.


Life Insurance and Succession Planning

We design and implement tax-efficient corporate owned life insurance strategies and succession and estate plans for small business families.